April 17, 2023

The Beauty of Birch Bark Biting

Imperial Funeral Supply has always taken great care in supporting people through some of the most difficult periods in their lives. When we discover new ways for those in grief to honour their loved ones, we aspire to provide those opportunities. Our latest funeral supply offering is an incredible art piece from a beautiful Indigenous tradition. 

An Ancient Indigenous Art Form

Pat Bruderer — Half Moon Woman is one of the few knowledge keepers and expert practitioners in the artistic Indigenous tradition of Birch Bark Biting. She is a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation who are Assin'skowitiniwak or Rocky Cree. This unique artwork is made by taking a single layer of birch bark and making an image using only the artist’s teeth. By carefully folding the layer, the creative expression is pressed into the bark, resulting in an unparalleled work of art. Historically, this practice was used for anything from making bead patterns to clothing. Birch Bark Biting was also a means to share stories and record ceremonies, making it an intuitive tribute for those we are putting to rest. It is another way to honour their story as we hold a ceremony in their memory. 

“Healing the Spirit” – a Custom Cap Panel

Imperial has been given permission to use Bruderer’s exquisite Birch Bark Biting piece entitled, “Healing the Spirit.” It’s a powerful work of art with a comforting sentiment that works seamlessly with our cap panels. Imperial is pleased to provide this new opportunity and to collaborate with such a wonderful artist. We are grateful for her kindness and for providing people with this unique opportunity to honour their loved ones. 

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